Gua Sha

GuaSha, sometimes referred to as coining or spooning, is the instrument-assisted press-stroking of a lubricated area of the body which creates light bruising on the skin. GuaSha releases toxins from the body, stimulating blood flow and promoting healing in injured areas on the body.

The premise of GuaSha is this: tension can accumulate in one area of the body, causing knots to build up which, over time, can progressively grow worse. GuaSha looks to break this cycle. By encouraging blood flow around targeted areas of the body, these stagnant particles are unable to fester into mild or serious issues, such as neck/back pain and scoliosis.

In addition, GuaSha has been proven to increase the metabolic blood flow rate within patients, which can be especially useful in preventing other issues within the body. GuaSha will leave a red mark on the skin, similar to that of a ‘hickie.’ This treatment promotes notable symptom relief which is often experienced immediately.


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